On a yearly basis our trucks are driving more than 61 mio. kilometers. This of course puts a strain on the environment as all transports impact the world around us.

At Kim Johansen International Transport A/S we are very much aware of our responsibility in order to minimize the environmental impact and we are constantly working to improve in a number of different areas.

The fuel consumption from our trucks is the single most contributor to the total environmental impact from our company. Every day we focus on reducing fuel consumption:

We select the most fuel efficient trucks when we renew the fleet and already nearly 43% of our truck fleet are EURO 6.
We monitor and constantly follow up on the use of fuel for every truck and driver. A project defined to reduce idling lead to 118.137 litres saving of fuel in 2014 compared to 2012.



We monitor and visualize driving patterns of the

drivers and reward drivers who are driving in the most efficient way.


Carbon compensation

Transportation of goods could account for a significant volume of total carbon emission of our customers; therefore, we are always happy to advise our customers on how to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions.

Our consultants will be ready to suggest internationally recognized climate protection projects, which could be optimal for emission offsetting.

Please call our Sales Manager Thomas Mouritzen at +45 4395 9318, to discuss the options.